In early 2016 we embarked on a breeding program using selected Australian Miniature does for a first cross.  All initial and subsequent cross doe kids are retained and bred back to 100% Nigerian to increase the ND genetics in each generation.  This process has delivered us a base of quality foundation animals resulting from a wide genetic pool.

In terms of imported bucks, we used Castle Rock Guy Noir and Lost Valley Cairo extensively in the first few years, along with Beaujest Julian Gitche.  We also had a 75% dairy cross buck - Topaz Basil (out of Pecan Knoll Bob the Builder) that gave us some lovely foundation does with good dairy characteristics.

In early 2018 we moved away from AI to purchase our own full blood Nigerian Dwarf Buck, First Fleet Hobbes ND100.  In spring 2019 we welcomed Zodiac Sundance ND100 (out of FF Baudin) and Zodiac Harvey Spector ND100 (out of FF Naturaliste) to our breeding program and we are using these boys over our graded and purebred does to give us our next generation of 87.5%, 93.75%, and of course 100% kids in 2020.

Our focus from 2021 will be having a much smaller herd of higher ND genetics - essenitally purebred/90%+ Dwarf does for milk, along with gorgeous friendly wethers for pet homes.   

If you are wondering how big the dwarf goat is, check out the photo below of a full size dairy goat vs a Nigerian Dwarf goat.