At Zodiac Mini Goats we strive to improve our animals with every generation, not only breeding up in percentage terms, but in quality.  Yes we aim for confirmation, but also for healthy, hardy little animals with a beautiful temperament.  By 2020 all our Dwarf and Pygmy breeding does will be a minimum 3rd cross, and we will continue to expand our herd of USA purebred Nigerian Dwarf.    Below is a gallery of some of our current breeding stock.

While our gallery features only does, half the babies we have here end up as wethers (desexed males) - lovable, colourful family pets. We only offer wethers to pet homes, and only in pairs - find out more on our buying goats page.     


To breeders we offer Pygmy and Nigerian Dwarf does and sometimes bucks.  Our Dwarf does can come in kid, and also in milk.  You can also purchase a milking doe with a wether kid at foot.  Starter herds are available with high %, high quality, unrelated buck kids included.  Animals featured in the gallery may be coming up for sale in the future so drop us an email to find out more.


Some of our foundation, first and second cross Nigerian Dwarf does:

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