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miniature goats canberra

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We'd love to hear from you - if you are interested in joining our waiting list, or becoming a breeder drop us an email using the form below, or message us on Facebook and we will get back to you ASAP.

Please ensure you understand the information provided on our website about buying goats from us including the fact that we only sell our goats in pairs, that you need sufficient space and secure fencing, that you need a PIC number, you need to be able to lock babies up at night for several months.  We cannot accept animals back once they have left our property and goats can live for 15+ years so it is a long term commitment.

Our breeding animals are rarely less than $4,000, so please look at our pricing on the 'buying goats' page, and also specific breeding animals may be listed on our for sale page.


Zodiac Mini Stud is located on the South Coast of NSW.  We are around 2 hours from Canberra or Goulburn..  Due to biosecurity risks we do not generally offer farm visits, however you can meet us or one of our fellow breeders at our Shows and Displays across the year.  

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