Get in touch with us via facebook message @zodiacminigoats (preferred) or email to discuss what you are looking for. Please indicate if you want pets, breeding and/or show animals.  We generally run a deposit system for our baby goats.  If we can't help you, we can put you in touch with other breeders in our area (or close to you) who can assist.

We offer baby wethers as pets, only in pairs, next available from December 2021.  Check out our Buying and Care pages for more info.

Breeding age does and bucks may be available if you are interested in becoming a breeder get in touch and we can look at a starter herd to suit your requirements.   

Following animals are currently for sale.  Note that we will only sell adults in pairs if you do not already have other miniature goats.  Terms and conditions apply.


If you are looking for pets we offer wethers only as bottle babies in pairs.  $990 for the pair inc GST.  Due to high demand we operate a deposit system to secure pets once you have a PIC.  We cannot sell goats to you unless you have a PIC number.  You also need secure fencing, a permanent shelter and sufficient space.  Babies need bottle feeding for serveral months and must be locked up overnight. Get touch to find out about next available from December 2021. 


We will have a number of third (84.4/87.5%) cross, and possibly 4th cross (92.2/93.75%) breeding does available in August after kidding.  We may also have high percentage (87.5% + 93.75%), and possibly 100% doe kids available.   Get in touch with us to let us know what you are looking for.  We can offer does in milk, possibly with wether kid at foot.  Third cross does starting $3,850+.

We offer package prices/starter herd discounts - payment terms and credit card available. 


Third cross - high percentage and 100% buck kids may be available.  Get in touch for more information or to join our waiting list for high % and purebred buck kids.