Get in touch with us via facebook message @zodiacminigoats (preferred) or email to discuss what you are looking for. Please indicate if you want pets, breeding and/or show animals.  We generally run a deposit system for our baby goats.  If we can't help you, we can put you in touch with other breeders in our area (or close to you) who can assist.

Most of our Spring pet wethers are sold, unless our last few girls to kid have a higher proportion of boys.  We may have a pair available in January, and will have wethers available from our main kidding in May or June.

Breeding age does and bucks may be available if you are interested in becoming a breeder get in touch and we can look at a starter herd to suit your requirements.   

CAE and Johnes free herd.

Following animals are currently for sale.  Note that we will only sell adults in pairs if you do not already have other miniature goats.  Terms and conditions apply.


If you are looking for pets we offer wethers only as bottle babies in pairs.  $990 for the pair inc GST. We take deposits to secure pets in you have a PIC.  We cannot sell goats to you unless you have a PIC number and sufficient space.  One pair available now to a suitable home.    Get in touch to find out about next available kids.


DOES SOLD OUT - second cross breeding age does are all sold for 2020 due to huge demand.  We are taking deposits for does available in 2021.

We have the following three breeding age does available around February 2021:

Zodiac Tully ND84.4                                                           

DOB: 18/1/2020 

Dam:  Zodiac Tallulah ND68.75 (Beaujest Julian Gitche)

Sire:  First Fleet Hobbes ND100  

Zodiac Amethyst ND75

DOB: 8/9/2019

Dam:  Zodiac Aster ND75 (Lost Valley Cairo)

Sire:  Zodiac Taurea ND75

Zodiac Pia Miranda ND75

DOB:  22/8/2019

Dam:  Zodiac Jaspe Noir ND75 (Castle Rock Guy Noir)

Sire:  First Fleet Hobbes ND100

Taking holding deposits for the following does available around April 2021:

Zodiac Aster ND75 

DOB:  4/9/2018 

Dam:  Aust Ch Zodiac Angelica ND50 (Castle Rock Guy Noir)

Sire:  Lost Valley Cairo ND100    

Zodiac Cheyenne ND75 ++++ sold deposit taken ++++

DOB:  11/9/2018

Dam:  Zodiac Chenoa ND50 (Beaujest Julian Gitche)

Sire:  Beaujest Julian Gitche ND100

Zodiac Lakota ND75 ++++ sold deposit taken ++++

DOB:  9/9/2018

Dam:  Zodiac Bette Noir ND50 (Castle Rock Guy Noir)

Sire:  Beaujest Julian Gitche ND100

We will also have second, third and full blood does or doe kids available around May/June 2021.  Get in touch with us to find out how you can secure some does in 2021, along with prices.  We can offer does in milk, possibly with wether kid at foot.   Second cross does starting $2500+ gst, third cross does starting $3750+ gst.

We offer package prices/starter herd discounts - payment terms and credit card available.  

100% BUCK KID ++++ sold deposit taken++++

Zodiac Midnight Special ND100

DOB:  20/8/2020 ***POLL***

Dam:  First Fleet Phillippa ND100

Sire:  Zodiac Harvey Spector ND100 (FF Naturaliste)

Currently on one bottle per day.  Available with a companion wether.


Third cross - high percentage and 100% buck kids may be available.  Get in touch for more information or to join our waiting list for high % and purebred buck kids. 

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