When buying miniature goats it's important to seek out a registered breeder with one of the miniature goat or dairy associations. You may pay a little more for a high graded Australian Miniature Goat, but you can rest assured they then have many generations of miniature breeding.  Same applies to Nigerian Dwarf and Pymgy goats - make sure they are registered with DNA to be sure you are getting the breed you are paying for.  We recommend disbudded or polled animals especially around small children, and check if the stud is tested particularly when buying dairy goats.

As goats are considered livestock you will need to have a PIC                                             number (Property Identification Code) before you have goats on                                   your property - click here to link to NSW PIC information.  If you live in a more residential or built-up area you will need to check with your local Council if you are able to have livestock on your property.  You really need to ensure the space you have is big enough to accommodate the goats long term - we recommend at least 1/2 acre.


We offer bottle babies at around 4 weeks of age as pets. Bottle babies are suitable if there is someone at home during the day at least for the first few weeks. It is a big commitment to take on bottle babies as you will be bottle feeding them for around 8 weeks – however rewarding for families to experience hand rearing these pets.

While it is always sad to take babies from their mothers, it is our experience that it is less stressful for both parties when the babies are 7-10 days old. We believe it is a much easier transition for the babies to go to their new home well established on the bottle and used to being away from their mums, rather than the triple event of being taken from their mum, weaned, and going to a new home all within a week or so.


Introducing goats to your property at a young age means you can train them to suit your environment and lifestyle.  It is also easy for new owners to pick up any change in the babies health and know exactly what they are eating in those first few months when they are bottle raised.


We only sell goats in pairs as they are herd animals and need a friend. We offer wethers (de-sexed males) for sale as pets.  As we are focusing on breeding up from imported genetics, doe kids will not be generally available and we have a waiting list. Doe kids are available to breeders, not as pets.

Companion goats/pets (wethered males) are $900 for the pair plus GST.

Each pair of baby goats come with bottles/teats and full feeding instructions, a mineral block and tube of drench.  Babies are/will be registered with MGBA.  Wethers are not DNA tested unless required for showing.

Goats sold on first in basis to suitable homes.  Due to current demand, we do accept 25% deposit to secure animals, however you must have your PIC number before we can take a deposit.


If you are thinking of becoming a breeder, Zodiac Mini Goats can help you on your way by assisting with quality starter Nigerian Dwarf percentage and purebred does. A great way to start out is to purchase some pregnant does and build your herd from there. We offer support to registered breeders with similar values to our own, including operating a tested stud.  


Our Nigerian Dwarf breeding goats are registered using DNA so you can be assured that any animals you buy from us do have the desired genetics. 

Pricing depending on the animals specific % genetics and contributing sire/dam.  We only have higher % does of second cross and above:

  • second cross does 68.75% - 75% - starting $2,000 (plus gst)

  • third cross does 84.4%-87.5% - starting at $3,500 (plus gst)

  • fourth cross and purebred does 100% - POA

  • 75% - 87.5% BUCKS $1,500 - $2,500 (plus gst)

  • fourth cross and purebred bucks -100% starting $3,000+ (plus gst)

As these are a relatively new breed in Australia, pricing is subject to change so contact us to find out more.  

We are not offering stud service on our property at this time, however we may offer pregnant does for sale. Service from our 100% Nigerian Dwarf Buck is $220 and terms & conditions apply.   100% Nigerian Dwarf semen straws available.  Contact us for more info.

Our animals are healthy at the time of sale and we cannot be responsible for the health of an animal once it has left our care. A vet health check and/or pregnancy test can be arranged for any stud animals (at buyer expense) prior to collection.  We recomend buyers consider Elders or CGU for insurance of breeding stock.

Since 2018 we have had zero mortality among goats at our stud, and we have tested clear for CAE and Johne's disease since 2015.   Whole herd tested negative July 2020.

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