Based in the Southern Highlands of NSW, Zodiac Mini Goats is home to what we think is the BEST miniature goat breed - the Nigerian Dwarf  Goat.  Our aim is to produce high quality breeding animals along with well-natured, healthy and loveable family pets.


We are breeding Nigerian Dwarfs under a genetic recovery program, along with purebred imported stock, working towards animals that are 90%+ Nigerian Dwarf.    Zodiac Mini Goats has led the way in NSW with this exciting new breed since 2016.  A breed that gives us both production animals in the form of dedicated miniature dairy goats, along with the most stunning, friendly little pets.  We were the first miniature goat stud in NSW breeding Dwarfs, and the first to own a purebred 100% Nigerian Dwarf buck.  In 2019 we expanded into purebred lines welcoming two USA does as the foundation for our purebred herd, and our first 100% kids were born here in July 2019.


We select a handfull of does to milk each season and produce all natural, hand-made goat milk soap, and will be expanding into other goat milk products in the future.  We started our miniature goat journey with Australian Miniature goats in 2013, venturing into ND's in 2016 and we have bred pygmy goats too, but from 2020 we will breed Nigerian Dwarf goats exclusively. 


Four Zodiac bred goats have been awarded AUSTRALIAN CHAMPION - these are the only NSW bred goats to achieve this accolade as at early 2020. We've been testing for CAE and Johnes disease since 2015.  All our goats are DNA tested.


Miniature Goats are great companion animals and make wonderful pets for a rural lifestyle.  They are very smart and full of personality. They generally grow to the size of a medium sized dog breed (around knee-high) and live around 12-15 years.


If you are looking for colourful, loveable family pets, friendly grass eaters, mini milkers, or quality breeding stock, we offer a full range of animals and breeder support.  Located less than 2 hours from Sydney or Canberra, and less than 1 hour from Wollongong.

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